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Chief Executive Officer Announcement
November 15, 2018.
The Board of Directors of Kings View Behavioral Health Systems is pleased to announce that
Amanda Nugent Divine, M.S. LMFT, has been selected as chief executive officer starting
November 15, 2018.  Ms. Nugent Divine has been a clinical and administrative leader in several
behavioral health organizations in northern and southern California. She has worked in private
non-profit organizations, government agencies, and tribal settings which provide mental health,
substance abuse, children and family, and educational therapy services. Ms. Nugent Divine’s
leadership experiences include: program leadership and development, strategic planning,
contract negotiation, quality improvement, budget planning and management, and clinical
oversight. Most recently she was a Consultant and Program Manager with El Dorado County
Health and Human Services. Ms. Nugent Divine is a licensed California marriage and family
therapist with a master’s degree of science in clinical psychology and is currently pursuing a
doctoral degree in psychology with a focus on technology and media.
David Singh, Chair of Search Committee, stated “Amanda’s selection is the result of a national
search for Kings View’s next CEO. We are excited to invite Amanda and believe she can help
lead Kings View to continue to provide quality services in a way that effectively reflects our
values and vision. Amanda’s experiences in a variety of fields within behavioral health is a good
fit with the multi-service line approach of Kings View.”
In welcoming Amanda, the Board of Directors also expresses thanks to Leon Hoover who is
retiring after 10 years of excellent executive leadership. Philip Neufeld, Chair of the Board
shared “Leon has helped us move forward in several significant ways and has positioned us for
future growth and effectiveness. Leon has helped Kings View have positive year on year
growth, developed new products and services, strengthened its program and administrative
services, and engaged with the wider community. We also appreciate how Leon has helped us
make a smooth transition to a new CEO.”
Ms. Nugent Divine shared “I look forward to joining Kings View and working with the board and
executive team, as well as the nearly 400 employees and external partners in the many sites
and counties served by Kings View. I look forward to moving to the Fresno area and joining the
Central Valley community.”
Kings View has emerged to become a highly respected non-profit organization that includes a
mix of service lines including behavioral health, youth skills, health information support
services, drugs and alcohol services, services for adults with intellectual challenges, and telepsychiatry.
Kings View annually serves 36,000 persons in 27 California counties and employs
nearly 400 people. An emerging new service is the Kings View Consulting Services which will
particularly focus on health information analytics, behavioral health cost reporting, and clinical
applications of technology.
Kings View Behavioral Health Systems was founded in 1951 as part of a national movement
among Anabaptist groups to provide a "better way" of recovery and wellness for mental health.
Kings View has a strong commitment to serving the underserved and has had a particular focus
in serving not only the greater Fresno region but also rural communities. It is a sponsored
member of Mennonite Health Services Alliance.
Kings View Board of Directors

September 14, 2018


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