Mental Health Services


The goal of the Quality Management Program is continuous improvement of services and efficient use of resources, by:

  • Establishing mechanisms that effectively improve quality.
  • Assisting providers to remain consistent with State guidelines.
  • Assuring service delivery integration and interagency collaboration.
    • Examining the use of resources within the Mental Health System of Care and providing mechanisms that ensure delivery of consumer-centered, culturally appropriate, services that are consistent with the highest possible quality of care.


  • All crisis evaluations (walk-in, phone, hospital, jail) Monday through Friday - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and all Emergency Department calls for evaluation from 5:00-9:00 p.m.
  • All initial requests/screenings and assessments for mental health services (phone, walk-in)
  • Communication and completion of all confidentiality related statements/forms
  • Distribution and review of Consumer Guide
  • Review and coordination of referrals from other agencies such as probation and CPS.
  • Completion of full and readmission assessments
  • Referrals and follow-up to community agencies/programs
  • Referrals and follow-up to internal treatment programs
  • Documenting all initial contacts on contact log
  • Knowing and adhering to all applicable access related regulations such as when and how to address:
    • Notice of Action - A
    • Complaint & grievance procedures
    • Language or disability-related access issues addressed (interpreters, TDD, etc.)
  • Assuring appropriate coordination and follow-up with after-hours crisis staff, phone service, and call logs.

The Access Program is responsible for assuring timely and quality access to our services in alignment with all Department of Health Care Services regulations and internal policies and procedures.  The staff is specially trained in assessment skills with youth, adults, and older adults around a myriad of diagnostic areas such as substance abuse/dependence, dual diagnosis, and psychiatric disorders. This assures appropriate referral to programs that can adequately address the identified problem areas.

AFTER HOURS Crisis services

This service provides access to emergency mental health services for consumers and agencies  who request Welfare & Institutions 5150 evaluations outside of the regular business hours of KVCSKC. This would include all weekends and holidays that are observed by the clinic.

All after hour phone calls placed to the clinic are automatically forwarded to the contracted crisis triage agency.   The after-hours crisis line is staffed by counselors who are trained to assist callers in safely resolving emergency mental health situations.  An on-call after-hours crisis worker employed by the clinic is also available at all times outside of regular business hours.  These crisis workers are dispatched via cell phone contact by the contracted agency whenever a request for a psychiatric evaluation is made.