Mental Health Services

Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPA) Services

School Based Mental Health Services Overview

Kings View has a deep working knowledge of school based AB 114 as indicated by its history and knowledge of laws/regulations with this population.  Significant changes have occurred in services and programs provided for children with exceptional need in the public schools of California.  These changes have stemmed from new laws and regulations at both the State and national levels, as well as from the spirit of fairness, balance and equality that characterize the public school system.  New interpretations of existing laws by the courts have further modified and expanded the services required for exceptional students.

Today parents, students and the Kings View staff work together to make certain that the appropriate services are provided on individualized bases for every child with a disability.  The services are provided through the SELPA’s.  The local plan developed and maintained in each community is the basis of these improvements and the foundation of services.

Kings View’s school based service objectives are:

  • To provide services to students in need of mental health interventions in the least restrictive setting, with cultural sensitivity and in the most cost effective manner.
  • To provide students with the tools they need to be fully functioning and integrated into classrooms with other students.
  • The goal for Kings View is that students may no longer require Mental Health Services as part of the students IEP.

Kings View accomplishes these objectives by employing therapists and behavioral specialists to work closely with the students, their families and school personnel.

Services will not be denied to an individual based on inability to pay, or enrollment in Medicare, Medicaid, or a State Children’s Health Insurance.

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