Youth Skills Attainment

Project Success

Project SUCCESS is a program that prevents and reduces substance use and abuse among high risk, multi-problem adolescents placed in alternative schools and high-risk students in regular secondary schools. It works by placing highly trained professionals in the schools to provide a full range of substance abuse prevention and early intervention services.

Project SUCCESS counselors use the following intervention strategies:  information dissemination, normative and prevention education, problem identification and referral, community based process and environmental approaches. In addition, resistance and social competency skills,  such as communication, decision making, stress and anger management, problem solving, and resisting peer pressure are taught.

Project SUCCESS has an additional benefit; weekly groups will be offered to parents or guardians of students participating in services which will also be prevention/education sessions. Our goals are to have a 30% decrease in alcohol, tobacco and other drug survey used over the course of the program with Project SUCCESS participants.

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  • High School Seniors
  • Classes on Employment Related Topics
  • Job Readiness Workshops
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Paid Work Experience
  • Job Shadowing and Mentoring
  • Summer Jobs
  • Leadership Development
  • Skills and Experience to Compete in the Job Market
  • Follow-up Services

Project Success is offered at the following schools:

Middle Schools

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Desmond
  • Martin Luther King

High Schools

  • Madera High
  • Madera South High
  • Mountain Vista High

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Class times are scheduled Monday through Friday at convenient times. Field trips and guest Speakers will be scheduled.

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